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Effective immediately, Sunday December, 27th 2020
I, Jesse Smith, Pastor of Louisburg First Baptist Church am calling all members, by virtue of your membership, as well as all those who attend regularly, by virtue of your participation in this body to a season of prayer and fasting.

The duration of this season will be set for 60 days starting December 27th through Wednesday, February 24th. This prayer and fasting will take place at least once daily. According to your daily schedule and needs you can choose either 8am, 12pm, or 6pm for your daily prayer and fast.

As a guide you can pray for any or all of the following items:This church
  • Leaders (Pastors and lay leaders)
  • Those with little or no outside contact connections
  • Those who are seriously concerned about what's going on
  • Those who are lonely
  • Those who are feeling abandoned
  • Those who have left this church during this time (either temporarily or permanently)
  • Wisdom
  • Direction
  • Understanding

Sunday Services

8:15am and 11am
Sunday School

Meet the team.

Jesse Smith

Lead Pastor

Kami Minor

Associate Pastor

Marla Atkinson